Tired of renting?  Tired of paying down your landlord's mortgage?  Tired of not building your own equity? Not currently eligible for a mortgage with a lender?

What if I told you that I could possibly help you to secure a Home or Condo via an established and successful Home Buyer Deferred Purchase Program in Ontario?


What Makes This Program So Successful?

  • Everyone’s Situation Is Different.  Your situation will be evaluated and a unique budget will be tailored to you and your family based on your needs.

  • Your Choice.  I will work with you to identify the right homes and you get to pick your home just like any other home buyer.

  • You Are Informed. I will represent you in the home buying process.  Prior to committing to the house you choose, you will be provided with all of the essential information and your Lawyer will review all the paperwork before finalized.

  • Your Budget Matters. There are no hidden fees and no surprises.  The Seller of the home you are interested in will pay the realtor commission.  You pay the deposit on the property once your offer has been accepted.

  • You Are Supported. From the beginning I will be there to support you to meet your end goal of securing a property that fits your needs.  

 Is This You?

Young Professional

Trying to get your career started and living under student loan debt can make it very hard to save enough to be eligible for a mortgage.  The Home Buyer Deferred Purchase program provides you with the time you need to build your savings while you live in YOUR future home.


A divorce is not only an emotional experience, it can also be financially draining.  The Home Buyer Deferred Purchase program provides you with the time you need to rebuild your life while you live in YOUR future home.

Self Employed

Many lenders currently ask for two years of financial statements to prove income in order to borrow on a traditional mortgage. During those 2 years of waiting, you are watching the price of homes go up which can be very intimidating. The Home Buyer Deferred Purchase Program allows you to live in YOUR future home while you get yourself ready to apply for a traditional mortgage.

Newcomers To Ontario

You are excited about your new life but frustrated that you cannot buy a house because of the lack of credit history. The Home Buyer Deferred Purchase program gives you time to build credit while living in YOUR future home.

Credit Challenged

Unexpected life situations might affect your credit score, but you should not let that stop you from becoming a home owner. Whether it is a bankruptcy, consumer proposal or just bruised credit score, we are here to give you time to repair your credit standing while living in YOUR future home.

What Do You Need To Participate In The Home Buyer Deferred Purchase Program?

Down Payment

We require a minimum down payment of $15,000 up to $400,000 of house or 5% of total price of the home if the home is over $400,000.   This is 100% credited towards your purchase of the home. Your down payment is required at the time we have the home inspection and will provided before we firm up the accepted offer.

Household Income

Steady, provable household income that can support the price of the home you would like. A general guideline is minimum of $120,000 annually but this depends on the price of home you wish to purchase.  We use the current benchmark to determine your affordability.

Credit Report

Although your credit won’t necessarily disqualify you from our rent to own program, it is important to know where you stand and what will be needed to improve it while you are in the program. We provide support, you provide the “doing”. Credit repair is a commitment.

House Selection

May not seem like a strong determining factor overall for qualifying for rent to own but it is for us. You should WANT to select your house as this might be the biggest determining success factor. With our program, you should commit the time to working with one of our realtors to find the “right” house. If you don’t love the house, it is going to make it harder to succeed.